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How to get Thaumic Distillate in Warframe

How to get Thaumic Distillate in Warframe

The new Cambion Drift in Heart of Deimos has added a bunch of new content. Thaumic Distillate in Warframe is another new resource added in this area that has some pretty interesting uses. To get it, you need to do some work. But veteran Waframe players should be used to the resource grind by this point. In case you aren’t here’s how this works.

Just like all other open-world areas, Cambion Drift adds new mining nodes and other resources to the game. Alongside all of the other mechanics new to the expansion, players should expect to have to hunt for new mining and fishing spots. And there’s some pretty powerful stuff buried in the patch, so you want to do this.

Firstly, to craft Thaumic Distillate in Warframe, you need to find the Blueprint. You need to buy it from Otak in the hub area, they charge 4,000 Entrati Standing. That means you’re going to be doing some grinding, so get ready to take on some mining as well. The player need rank 2 (Acquaintance) of Entrati in order to purchase the blueprint. So for starter, just grind out some Mining and Bounties to get enough standing to unlock the Blueprint.

Once that’s done, it’s time to start gathering.

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Take the following resources to the Foundry to craft Thaumic Distillate in Warframe:

  • 1,000 Credits
  • 20 Thaumica
  • 20 Venerol
  • 4 Gallium
  • 15 Lucent Teroglobe

Where do you get these resources?

The Thaumica comes from the yellow mineral spawns, with the Venerol coming from the red ones in Orb Valis. Thaumica and Lucent Teroglobe are both unique to the Cambion Drift area. Gallium is a bit harder to find, but comes as a rare drop in various planetary nodes. Make sure to make use of the Harvesters, as there are several planets which drop Gallium. Lucent Teroglbobe can be obtained by breaking open containers on the Cambion Drift.

What do you need it for?

Thaumic Distillate in Warframe is used for a few different things, mostly related to the Cambion Drift. Most important is the construction of the new Warframe, Xaku, which uses a bunch of resources from the Cambion Drift.

Aquapulmo Trophy Decoration 30
Duroid Trophy Decoration 30
Myxostomata Trophy Decoration 30
Voidrig Weapon Pod Component 80
Xaku Neuroptics Component 60
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