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How to get Steel Essence in Warframe

Steel Essence in Warframe

Steel Essence is a new type of currency that was introduced to Warframe with the Steel Path. Steel Essence is primarily used for trading in for rewards to a certain NPC. To gain access to the Steel Path you need to have completed the main story and cleared the Star Chart. You also need to have access to arbitrations.

You will use Steel Essence you earn from a variety of methods. And you need to take it to Teshin to use it. Teshin can be found on any relay. Here are some of the more common sources of Steel Essence in Warframe:

  • Full clear all nodes on a planet on The Steel Path – 2 Steel Essence
  • Defeat an Eidolon in the new Steel Path level Eidolon hunts – 1 Steel Essence
  • Can potentially drop from Eximus enemies in Steel Path mission, at a low drop chance.
  • There have been reports that a Steel Essence can drop from enemy Syndicate troops that come after you, but we have not confirmed this yet.

The Steel Path gives you access to a new, tougher Star Chart, which reuses the same missions, but applies new modifiers to make them much harder. The modifiers will increase resource and mod drops, but also give a massive power boost to enemies.

  • Enemy Level +100
  • Enemy Health + 250%
  • Enemy Shield + 250%
  • Enemy Armor +250%
  • Resource Drop Chance + 100%
  • Mod Drop Chance +100%
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There are going to be a lot of powerful enemies in the Steel Path missions. Expect a much longer clear time on Defense missions and other maps. Players will need to bring their powerful builds, no generic cookie-cutter stuff will work here. These enemies are not playing around.

You can use the Steel Essence to buy assorted items from Teshin, such as cosmetics and Stance Forma. We’ve listed some of the potential rewards down below.

  • Bishamo Pauldrons blueprint – 15 Steel Essence
  • Bishamo Cuirass blueprint – 25 Steel Essence
  • Bishamo Helmet blueprint – 20 Steel Essence
  • Bishamo Greaves blueprint – 25 Steel Essence
  • 10000 Kuva – 15 Steel Essence
  • Relic Pack – 15 Steel Essence
  • Stance Forma – 10 Steel Essence
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