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Path of Exile 3.11 News Recap – First Harvest Boss Kill

Path Of Exile: Harvest

Path of Exile News Recap is a new series where ISKMogul will routinely recap big developments within POE all in one place. We sift through the dull stuff so you don’t have to. Path of Exile 3.11 News Recap will be the first of many and will run through the notable elements of each league. So far, we’re still very early in the league itself, so the news is a bit slim.

So let’s kick off Path of Exile 3.11 News Recap #1 with some insights into how the launch is going.

Peak Player Numbers

GGG has revealed that the numbers of players in POE 3.11 is pretty close to what it was in the record-setting period last league. Harvest’s “peak player concurrency of 231,130 players (97.5% of the record we set with Delirium at the height of the international lockdown)” This shows that the POE community is indeed holding a strong, and that Harvest is pretty popular.

First Harvest Boss Kill

As part of the hype for Path of Exile 3.11, the developer announced a new competition for the start of the league. The first two players who would get to the boss of the league, and kill it in SSFHC (Solo-Self-Found Hardcore) mode, would be granted a custom Alienware laptop as a prize. It’s a pretty tough challenge as you only have one life to live and must use what gear you pickup or craft yourself. But it looks like streamer Waggle has been the first to do it.

Spoilers beware, but you can see the video of the kill via the Twitch clip here.

Perfect Garden Layout

If you’re deep into the Harvest endgame and trying to figure out how to maximize the amount of Lifeforce you can grow, worry no more. An enterprising POE player has cobbled together the most efficient garden layout for Harvest league. Check it out.

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Console Launch Adds Chat

It seems that console players on PS4 and Xbox One are finally getting textual chat in-game when the league launches this week for those platforms.

According to the announcement, GGG has had this in the works for a while. “Path of Exile: Harvest launches on Xbox One and PlayStation in just a few days! We’ve been keeping one console feature up our sleeves and are now happy to confirm that textual chat channels are now a feature of Path of Exile on console!”


As usual, Grinding Gear Games also has a troupe of new microtransactions to show off. There’s a bunch of new effects, armor skins and other stuff to check out. No new account features so far this league. What with the Seed bank being separate from the stash, I can’t see GGG adding any in 3.11 anyway. There are MTX like the Dark Aura magic effect, a new brimmed hat, some skill effects for popular skills, and so much more.

We included videos of some of the newest MTX in the game below. As always, you can check them all out in the POE cash shop.

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