How to get ALL FREE ITEMS with Prime Gaming! (Roblox)

How to claim free Prime Gaming Roblox items

Amazon’s newly rebranded Prime Gaming has been pushed for the next year to offer free in-game items to all gamers who are part of Prime. “Beginning today … Prime members can deck out their Roblox avatars with one exclusive in-game item each month,” it said in a press release. The service will run for now until March 2021, and then will likely focus on more games after that.

This month’s offer is an exclusive ‘bandolier’ accessory. You can claim it by visiting the Prime Gaming website, then go get a Roblox promo code. Then head to Roblox’s site and enter the code to add the item to your in-game inventory. The Prime Gaming system covers more than just Roblox too. There’s free loot for Apex Legends, Red Dead Online, GTA OnlineLeague of Legends, and more.

Prime Gaming was formerly known as Twitch Prime, has been the major push for Amazon to get more power and money from its Twitch deal. The company has pivoted hard into gaming to make more money and increase their presence. The retail giant will absolutely

Amazon Prime costs $13 / £8 per month or $119 / £79 per year.

Amazon has been having a rough time with the gaming stuff as of late. Their game efforts have been floundering and even shut down entirely. Pushes into the multiplayer space have failed. especially when you’re talking about Crucible. Although that’s not all they’re trying. Amazon Luna is a new service to try and get the retail giant into pivoting into live TV streaming and media. The Luna service is only available by invitation at the moment, but you can request early access here.

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Roblox has exploded in popularity as more and more games are added. Over the months users have created and played millions of games. The game creation suite even lets game makers profit from their work, a great thing going on.  The game is massively popular in younger audiences. Folks are flocking into the games to see how creative folks can be.

And that priority has worked out. The developer says in a press release that those devs are “on pace to earn $250 million in 2020, up from the $110 million earned in 2019”.

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