How to complete the Barbie Challenge in BitLife

All the steps to complete the Barbie Challenge in BitLife

It’s time for another BitLife challenge of the week. This time, we’re being asked to live out another idealized fantasy, and it’s not about another comic book hero like Batman, sadly. Instead, we’re becoming the plastic icon of the late 50’s Americana, Barbie. Quite literally in fact, as the new challenge is to essentially turn your whole body into an idealized plastic idea of femininity, Not literally of course, this game doesn’t do body horror. But the new weekly challenge involves quite a lot of plastic surgery. Here’s how to complete the Barbie Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Barbie Challenge in BitLife

The basic premise is that you need to complete four specific steps. But the trouble is, there’s actually a multitude of small parts to one step in particular. Here are the basic steps for completing the Barbie Challenge in BitLife.

  • Be a female
  • Undergo all of the plastic surgeries except gender reassignment
  • Become a model
  • Live in a mansion

Being a female is easy, just make a female character. You can then choose any name you want. From there, you will need to focus on one thing, become incredibly wealthy. You need to be able to afford both a mansion and a ton of surgeries, and these are not cheap. You will want to focus on getting your Look stats and Brain stats up as high as possible. The Brain is so you can do well in school enough to become a model. You don’t have to be very highly educated to get the option in the Occupations tab, but you need some good stats to get it and do well. The most important stat is Looks though.

Go exercise and do anything you can to keep your Looks up from an early age. And when you age up into adulthood, you can potentially get the Model job. Once you have job and start earning some cash, save as much as you can. You will need to be able to afford the best doctors you can for the plastic surgery bit. That’s right you need a ton of plastic surgery to complete this challenge.

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You will need to put some work into your modeling to get famous, which means doing photoshoots and interviews. Eventually, after you earn some promotions and get more cash, you’ll start to gain some fame. Then it’s time to go under the knife. Here is the full list of plastic surgeries you need to undertake to achieve this:

  • Botox
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Face lift
  • Liposuction
  • Nose job
  • Tummy Tuck

Make sure to get the best doctors you can, as they can backfire on you if you cheap out on this step.

Once you have all that completed, and are fabulously wealthy, you can wrap up the challenge. You just need to buy the huge house. Go into Assets to get started with mansion shopping. Select the Real Estate option, and select the biggest house you can afford. That’s how to complete The Barbie Challenge.

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