How to get a scent in DogLife


DogLife is a very new game, brought to you by the same time behind BitLife. Instead of simulating the whole life of one person, and all their relationships, you’re a pet. Specifically, you get to become a dog and live out the life of a canine or a cat in the country of your choosing. Yes, despite the name, you can also be a cat.

The core of the gameplay experience is built around getting to live out your best life as a fluffy pet. You can also get into trouble and be a street animal. Whatever nonsense a cat or dog could get up to, you can get into in this game. You can run with a  pack and be the alpha, or you can just try to eek out life on the street.

Scent in DogLife is pretty important. It can be used to find other animals, or even find your way home after you wander. Having the scent of animals in the game is very useful, here’s how to get it.

To get a scent in DogLife, here’s what to do. You need to click the Hierarchy tab and then click on an animal there. Once you have selected the animal, click the Sniff option. If you use this option, you will gain the scent of whatever animal you sniffed. You can find these options by clicking the pyramid symbol on the bottom-right of the main menu.

You can also buy Top Dog to get your hands on some unlocked options, so that’s cool. This can be helpful for increasing stats or making it to achieve certain goals.

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