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Arms Race Expansion Deployed in EVE Online


This months EVE Online expansion expands the number of options available for Alpha players (free players) in EVE Online. As part of an ongoing effort to attract potential new players, CCP Games gave Kotaku exclusive access to premiere the EVE Online Arms Race expansion trailer on their youtube channel, take a look:

The changes are significant for both free and paid subscribers to EVE Online. With new skillsets being made available to Alpha Clones, and a new skill injector exclusively for these players.

With the December release, pilots both new and old will benefit from free access to all Tech I hulls up to Battleship class as part of a large addition of skills to the Alpha skillset. Cross-faction training will also be available for free, allowing for Alpha clone access to vessels across all factions in New Eden.

The Arms Race release will also contain additional iteration on Resource Wars, with the introduction of the support role, as well as some balance changes to rewards. Jump fuel and jump fatigue changes are also included in this release, as well as the deployment of the new empire selection process to all new characters.

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You can also check out a great new trailer that shows off some of the new ships Alphas have access to below:

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