How to complete Where it Snacks and Snoozes in New Pokémon Snap

How to Complete Where it Snacks it Snoozes in New Pokemon Snap

A Figure of Beauty in New Pokémon Snap is one of the many Lentalk Requests in the game. The Requests often involve a bunch of trekking around the various maps in the game to find Pokémon in various positions. The goal is to bring back a photo to the quest giver that contains the required Pokémon in the right state.  Some of these are a bit more involved than others. You’re supposed to take photos of Heracross doing something strange, and there’s an easy way to complete this one. You need to get them into the right spot to take the required photo. Here’s how to complete Where it Snacks and Snoozes in New Pokémon Snap.

How to Complete Where it Snacks it Snoozes in New Pokemon Snap

  • Go to Florio Nature Park (Night) on Research Level 2.
  • Scan the dirt mound to spot Pinsir
  • Throw an Illumina Orb at the mound
  • Pinsir will pop up and then scan the area three more times to cause Heracross to come out too.
  • Take a pic of Heracross after it falls out of the tree.

So when you head into the Florio Nature Park on Research Level 2, things start to change. Some of the environs can be manipulated to cause various Pokémon to show up and do strange stuff. You can also get some very cool photos. For this one, you need to take a picture of a Heracross in the Florio Nature Park. That requires you to get a certain pose, like many other Lentalk Requests.

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At the start of the map, you will see a small bridge ahead with a Tangrowth nearby. Look to the left and see the pack of Murkrows eating on the ground. There’s a pile of dirt that needs to be your target. You need to scan that mound and then toss an Illumina Orb and hit the Pinsir that’s showing out of the ground.

Once the Pinsir is out of the ground and glowing, scan it three more times. This will cause a Heracross to jump out too. On the third scan, there will be a Haeracross that falls out and looks up at Pinsir. Just take a photo of Heracross lying on its back. Now snap the pic when the Aipom cuts the grass. Just be sure to be quick as Heracross flies away pretty fast.

Once you have the proper photo, you can return to Professor Mirror and turn in your prize for a nice chunk of XP. There, you have now completed Cutting Moment in New Pokémon Snap.

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