How to complete the Ultimate Bully Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Ultimate Bully Challenge in BitLife

Each week, BitLife gets a new challenge, with special steps you need to complete. The mobile gamers who get the challenge completed will earn a unique reward for their efforts. Last week, we had a pretty interesting one with the Hunky Honeypot challenge. That one was a lot of fun. This one is a bit more conventional but still rather strange for the life sim. There are quite a few steps you need to get done to finish this up. This week’s new challenge is pretty intriguing, as it involves a bit more chaos involved. You need to become the Ultimate Bully, here’s how.

How to complete the Ultimate Bully Challenge in BitLife

Here are the steps you need to complete for this challenge:

  • Mess with 10+ Classmates
  • Engage in Mischief 10+ Times
  • Prank 5+ different coworkers
  • Murder someone via Atomic Wedgie

This challenge is a pretty basic one, just have to know what to do. Most of these options can be found in the menus for Relationships. Make your character and then get into grade school. When you do, click on your school in the School tab. Click the Class option, then click each of your classmates, Click the Mess option at the bottom, then do that 10 or more times. Be careful with this, as you can be attacked in return. Be sure to visit the Doctor via the Mind & Body tab to get treated if you get injured.

From there, go into the Crime tab via the Activities menu. Choose Mischief, and then do that 10 times as well.

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Once you get through school, you need to prank coworkers. Get any job, it doesn’t really matter which one. Once you have the job, click on the Occupation tab, then choose a coworker. Click the Prank option to get this step done, doing this one five times.

The final step is the trickiest one to get done. To commit murder, go back into the Crime menu, then choose to murder someone. From there, choose the Wedgie from the drop-down, and hope the RNG lands on your side. If not, you will have to age up and try again. You could also try multiple times by using the reset option with God Mode.

Once you’ve finished that up, you’re all good. That’s how you complete the Ultimate Bully Challenge in BitLife.

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