How to complete the Full-Time Part-Time Challenge

How to complete the Full-Time Part-Time Challenge

Another week, another challenge in BitLife. The digital sim from CandyWriter has lot of new tasks to complete each week, giving out rewards for players that manage to get things done. This new challenge in BitLife is a pretty unique one. Players have to work a pretty large amount this week, but not in a traditional way. You will be working part-time for your entire life in the digital world. You can’t actually work a normal career for this challenge. Here’s how to complete the Full-Time Part-Time Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Full-Time Part-Time Challenge

The steps for this challenge in the week will be pretty straightforward. The game basically asks you to become a wealthy part-timer, and it’s a lot of work. Here are the steps you need to do:

You will need to work Freelance gigs and part-time jobs via your entire life. You can’t take any normal career via the Occupation tab or you will fail the challenge. Freelance gigs will be found within the Occupation menu. Just click the Freelance Gigs option 10 times in high School. You can just speed through school, as your education doesn’t matter for this task. The biggest timesink here is that you need to find a way to get money, and a lot of it. Doing part-time jobs and other Freelance Gigs is a tedious task if you just grind them out. There’s a much better method though, and here it is.

The fastest way to get the millions you need is to try and be a social media star. This doesn’t count towards a full-time job, so it should be able to complete the challenge. Going viral on Social Media is pretty great for making cash once you get the process down. To make videos on YouTube, just select the Assets tab, then choose Social Media. The various pages you can post to will be presented here. You should then make an account for each platform. When you want to make content, click the associated account, then choose to upload new content. Be consistent and post 3-8 times per year with the same type of content each time.

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You can also make another millionaire character and have then leave a bunch of money to a child. Completing this challenge is much easier if you have a child to pass the task down to with a ton of cash.

Purchasing a Yacht and Mansion are pretty easy, once you have the money. Go into the Assets menu and click Go Shopping at the bottom. Hit up the Realtor options and buy one of the mansions on the list. You can then do something similar with the Yacht. Scroll to the bottom to find the Marine retailer to buy a yacht. Once you have these done, you’re good to go.

There, you have finished the Full-Time Part-Time Challenge in BitLife.

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