How to make a Colored Shield in Minecraft?

How to make an armor stand in Minecraft

The Colored Shield in Minecraft works very much the same way as a basic one. But if you want a color scheme for your armor, this is the best thing to do. The Colored Shield in Minecraft can be made in many different options. You can make them very easily as well. Here’s how to make one.

Making the Shield

To get started, you need to make the base shield. You need five wooden planks and one iron ingot to make a shield, that’s one part of this done. Wooden planks are easy to get, just break down wooden logs in a crafting grid and gather the planks. You will always need more, so feel free to make more than you need right now. When that’s done, go mining. You will also need way more than just one iron ingot, so feel free to mine until you have a nice reserve amount. Cook the raw ore into ingots and you’re ready to craft the shield.

To craft the actual shield, you need to make a pattern reminiscent of a Y in the crafting table. Fill the middle row with wooden planks, and then top-right and top-left slots as well. The middle slot on the bottom row should also have a plank in it. The iron ingot should have occupy the top-middle slot in the grid. Use the image below if you get confused.

Make a Shield in Minecraft

Making the Banner

The banner is the hardest part. This is because you need six wool of any color, and one stick. The Stick is easy and just requires two wooden planks stacked in a crafting grid. The Six Wool needs to be dyed, and that adds a ton of work. You can find a guide that explains dye colors and sources over here. Once you have the dyed wool, it’s time to assemble.

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Take the six wool and fill the top two rows of the crafting table. You should have three empty slots on the bottom row. Place the stick into the middle slot of the bottom row to finish the recipe.

Now that you’re all done with the initial setup, the final assembly is super easy. You just need to put the shield and the banner next to each other in the crafting grind. Most recipes say to place the Banner in the middle slot on a crafting table, and then place the shield to the left of that. You can do it pretty much any way and get the result. The final color will depend on the color of the banner used.

There are also plenty of other crafting options for making cool armor. You could take some enchantments out for a spin to see how they handle firey depths. You could also grab a more threatening sword for bonus damage. There’s plenty of options in this game aside from the cosmetic.

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