How to beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise – All the best tactics, weaknesses and counters

How to beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise – all attacks, weaknesses, tactics, and drops

Your first real monster hunt in Monster Hunter Rise will be the Great Izuchi Hunt. He is terrorizing an important supply route for the town, and you need to put a stop to him. Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise is the first real fight you come across in the main game. It was part of the demo, so many folks have plenty of experience fighting it. For those with less experience, here are some basic tips for fighting it.

Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise can appear in areas 7,8 or 9. The monster will move to areas 3, 4 and 7 during different fight phases, so give chase. Here are some attacks to look out for, as well as some weapon tips to know what to equip against it. You can also use the fast travel system to get into the fight quicker.

All Great Izuchi attacks

  • Tail Slam – This move is an all-round attack that goes from a swipe to a slam
  • Tail Sweep –This is basically the Tail Slam, but without the Slam. Watch out for that fast left-to-right swipe
  • Triple Tail Spin – The monster will spin its tail around three times, no slam to finish
  • Spit Attack – Great Izuchi will remain in place and spit at you from afar
  • Rush Attack – A charging attack with a claw-based thrash
  • Scratch – Great Izuchi will do a short lunge to try and claw swipe you
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How to beat Great Izuchi

Making solid and consistent use of Wire Bug attacks is the key to beating any monster. Also, keep chugging Stamina Potions and getting your weapon sharpened to stay in the fight between phases. Being able to keep mobile and continue dodging is a must due to how fast Great Izuchi is.

Watch out for that tail while clearing out the smaller monsters first. The chip damage and stuns from the smaller monsters can take out even a veteran hunter. After you clear out the smaller Izuchi, make sure to keep dodging and attacking when the monster is idle. You can use pretty much any weapon to take it out, as it’s a basic monster, but there are some ways to increase your odds of success.

Weapon type tips and Great Izuchi weaknesses

  • Focus Elemental weapons on the Head and Tail
  • Sever and Blunt damage types are best in terms of weaknesses.
  • Poison, Paralysis, Sleep and Exhaust ailments are all differing levels of usefulness, with some having at least some extra damage.


  • Great Izuchi Hide
  • Great Izuchi Pelt
  • Great Izuchi Tail
  • Screamer Sac
  • Monster Bone
  • Wyvern Tear

Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26.

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