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YouTube enables clips for all channels


YouTube enables clips for all channels, trying to catch up faster to Twitch. This move will allow all creators for gaming channels to capture moments from their streams for promotional purposes. You would previously need 1,000 or more Subs to be able to use the feature, so they’re aiming at more big-time creators. The new announcement has enabled the feature to be used on any channel at all, no matter how many subs it has.

The goal here is to let people share clips with their friends for promotional and entertainment purposes. The clips will allow short form videos of a few seconds each to be shared across YouTube and other platforms. The announcement came via TeamYouTube’s official Twitter page. Check that out below.

YouTube has also spent a lot of time trying to compete with other social media platforms. The inclusion of Shorts has been a clear attempt to directly compete with TikTok, which has been dominating the short-form video content market for years. TikTok has actually been a huge means for Twitch streamers to promote their content by posting clips. It seems as though YouTube wants to create a total ecosystem that gives them more control over the pipeline for attracting viewers and streamers to the platform.

Throughout the past few years, YouTube has also successfully convinced quite a few top streamers to stream exclusively on YouTube, so it would seem this approach has worked a bit. The platform also secured streaming rights for major Esports leagues. This combination of a larger impact ecosystem and more content opportunities is a good thing.

That’s without bringing into the discussion the fact that YouTube has had plenty of controversies. The lack of moderation on the platform is a huge problem. A bigger problem relates to the common exploitation of children for content creation and how common it is on YouTube. This has cast a pretty big shadow over the potential impact of changes like adding clips. If YouTube doesn’t get it’s problems under control, it’s going to get bigger issues as more people join the site.

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