How Destiny 2’s Season 13 Challenges Work

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With the advent of a new season, a new stable of content is headed for the stars in Destiny 2. The challenges are one-time missions that stack up as you play. So as you complete more of them, you unlock progressively better rewards. And don’t mind if you miss a week here or there. Any previous weeks can be accessed via a new bounty board in-game.

Here are the basics of how the new system works, as it’s being focused more on spreading players out beyond just grinding bounties.

The 10 week season will feature a main roster, refreshed each week, of up to 10 challenges. Each challenge will focus on particular game activities, Some will have to do with PvE Strikes or other content, while others focus on Gambits. It seems like Bungie is pushing players toward a mix of both new and older content with Destiny 2’s Season 13 Challenges.

The challenges will be handed out at any time via the Director, although you will be losing those Bounties, to be replaced with other content. And don’t worry if you miss a week, you can always come back and do it later. Destiny 2’s Season 13 Challenges are only able to be completed once per account, so keep on top of them if you don’t want to fall too far behind. Completing them earns you XP and various special items in droves. Bungie will also hand out Bright Dust and other bonuses.

Bungie has tested a few ideas for what these exact challenges will be, here are some ideas of what to expect:

  • Defeating Primeval Envoys in Gambit
  • Defeating enemies in Nightfall: The Ordeal with Seasonal weapons
  • Gaining Infamy or Valor ranks
  • Acquiring the ritual weapon and its cosmetic ornaments
  • Winning rounds in Trials of Osiris
  • Completing a Grandmaster Nightfall
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What will these bounties be like?

The tougher the base task, the more rewarding the bounty. Bungie says that they’re trying to railroad players into focusing on seasonal content, rather than grinding older stuff too much. Expect the meta-game to shift around that tone. The push will also coincide with more effort on the Season Pass being more rewarding too. According to Bungie, more than two-thirds of the planned Challenges can be completed without the Season Pass.

New challenges will appear for the first 10 weeks of each season, but those will replace the older Bounties at some point. Expect the roster of XP quests offered by the older vendors to shift over time as well. You can and should focus on getting the one-off challenges done ASAP. They will come back until you complete them that first time, however, there is a limit to how forgiving Bungie will be.

When the season ends, so does your access to that roster of Challenges. Any Challenge that rewards unique or Seasonal items can be completed before that happens, but you lose access at some point.

The new season will begin on February 9.

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