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Heavy Rain PC demo pulled from Epic Games Store, cause unknown

Heavy Rain PC Demo Pulled From Epic Games Store For Crashes

So the new demo for the PC port of Heavy Rain was up on the Epic store for a while, before being quickly pulled down. This is because gamers who downloaded it reported problems even getting the game to launch at all, and some others reported crashes.

Quantic Dream has since pulled the free demo from the Epic Games Store while they work on a fix for the crash issue. Although the company has since identified the problem, and are working on fixing it, gamers are still left unhappy. Quantic Dream will publish an update around 10am CEST tomorrow to address the issue.

According to some sources, the crashes and other issues are being blamed on the Denuvo DRM the game users. And while it’s true that the ports of Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human and Beyond Two Souls all use Denuvo, the claim the anti-tamper software is causing problems remains unproven.

And while I’m not against bashing Denuvo perse, I think it might be prudent to at least provide some backing evidence or reasoning before your start blaming the company for everything. There could be any number of problems causing these issues, and jumping to the conclusion of DRM being to blame is rash and comes across as uninformed. That’s just my little rant though.

About the games themselves, Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human and Beyond Two Souls all were previously exclusive to Sony consoles, either the PS3 or PS4. And now Quantic Dream is bringing the games to the PC. This is the first time in many years that the French developer has created a PC version of their story-based games, so fans are kind of excited.

The three games all have different release dates though, probably to give the team time to polish them up and prevent further issues like this one.. Heavy Rain will be released on the PC on June 24th, and Beyond Two Souls will be coming out on July 27th. The final game in the batch, Detroit: Become Human will be coming to the PC in Fall 2019.

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