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Ascendancy Changes in Path of Exile Blight League

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

We’re only a few days away from the launch of Path of Exile 3.8 and the Blight challenge league, that means GGG is ramping up the overall hype train and press blitz for the new content. The latest round of POE news included a series of reworks for Ascendancy classes, most of which pair well with the skill gem and playstyle changes teased previously.

Check out the preview images for each Ascendancy shuffle after the blurb describing the changes. (Thanks to POE community member JYshadow for these) Path of Exile 3.8 and the Blight challenge league will be out for PC on September 6th, followed by the console releases a few days later.


Probably the simplest of the Ascendancy reworks we’ve seen so far. A general numerical buff across multiple nodes is the first noticeable change, followed by a handful of new nodes which increase the overall potency of Frenzy Charges. A couple of the notable reworks include Avatar of the Veil, which was changed to apply elemental exposure to nearby enemies while you have phasing, reducing their elemental resistances by 15%. Then there’s Avatar of the Chase which is now a node focused much more on buffing Onslaught. To compensate though, varios minor nodes that granted increased Onslaught duration have been changed to make that state more potent instead.

POE Blight Ascendancy Raider


Arguably the biggest change this league for Ascendancy classes comes to the Minion-based Necromancer. Given that Elementalist was straight up dumpstered last league, Witch builds could have used some love. Multiple nodes have been completely redone to focus on granting major buffs to Minions, which makes sense with the changes planned for the playstyle. It seems pretty clear that GGG are aiming for Minions to be heavily played this league, given all the attention they’re getting. Just about every node in the Necromancer Ascendancy has been redone, with a tighter focus on each tree patch to certain playstyles.

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Plaguebringer and Corpse Pact are two nodes that have been almost totally changes to account for the zombie and skeleton driven builds out there. Essence Glutton targets Mind Over Matter builds with a major defensive buff. Unnatural Strength focuses more on offense, granting a generic buff to minions as a whole.

POE Blight Ascendancy Necromancer


With the major reworks coming to Mine-based playstyles this challenge league, it only makes sense that GGG would rework one of the key ascendancies within that playstyle. Four different powerful nodes within the Ascendancy have been handed a pretty big change. For buffs, Explosive Expert no longer grants reduced damage taken from traps or mines, and instead grants reduced area damage taken. This makes it much better overall. Demolitions Specialist has been totally refocused to be a node that’s very targeted to Mines, with 100% increased mine aura effect, and hindering enemies near your mines when they are placed.

Pyromaniac, one of the more powerful nodes, has been nerfed heavily. The great buff to Life Regen has been severely cut back, reducing overall effectiveness of the node. A few other nodes got slight numerical nerfs as well. Overall it seems like Saboteur is a much more targeted Ascendancy in POE Blight.

POE Blight Ascendancy Saboteur

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