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Glassmaker Bounties – Nightwave Week 37

When does Nightwave Intermission II end in Warframe?

Glassmaker rolls on in Warframe this week dreamers! The Glassmaker questline continues to evolve in Warframe, as week 37 rolls into town, we’re getting down to the wire. This is the last active week of new Bounties being added.  We’re getting a final crop of rewards and Elite missions this week. Here’s what Digital Extremes has in store for us.

What is the final week’s worth of Nightwave Bounties?

  • Complete 6 Different Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis – Orb Valis is a bit harder to farm animal spawns for compared to other areas. Bring an Ivara build along tuned for stealth to get this down quickly.
  • Kill 30 Eximus – Survival missions have the best spawn rates of these mobs, go for these with a good team and get farming.
  • Complete 3 Different K-Drive Races in the Orb Vallis – Another Orb Valis task that’s kind of irritating if you’re never dealt with the mechanic before. There are five races in the open world Fortuna map per day, so you have time. ead into the Orb Vallis and pop your K-Drive, the races will be marked while riding.
  • Complete 3 Rescue Missions – (Beware, this is bugged and will show up twice for some of you) Choose a low-level node and farm it. This method means that build choice is not a big deal as long as you have a high-level Warframe.
  • Complete a Defence Mission reaching at least Wave 20 (Elite) – Wave 20 on Defense is not the easiest thing to do without a good group. Maybe bring along a Nekros if you really want to farm. Otherwise, keep your focus on staying alive and dishing out DPS. A good mix of both mid-range and AoE abilities can be a real help here.
  • Kill the Exploiter Orb (Elite) – One of the main bosses of the Corpus on Orb Valis. Taking it down isn’t easy. It’s a good idea to read up on the details on the Exploiter Orb wiki page before attempting it if you haven’t before.

What’s up for grabs in Nightwave Week 37?

Here are all of the rewards for Nightwave Week 37. it’s the last week, so get moving if you’ve missed anything before, you can still get those last few Creds in.

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  • EMP Aura (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Loot Detector (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Physique (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Pistol Scavenger (Aura) – 20 Creds


  • Purifying Flames (Ember) – 20 Creds


  • Brain Storm (Grakata) – 20 Creds
  • Focused Acceleration (Tetra) – 20 Creds


  • Vauban Chassis Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Neuroptics Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Systems Blueprint – 25 Creds


  • Pangolin Sword Blueprint – 50 Creds


  • 5x Nitain Extract – 15 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Catalyst – 75 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Reactor – 75 Creds
  • 10,000x Kuva – 50 Creds
  • 1x Wolf Beacon – 50 Creds


  • Atlas Shikoro Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Atlas Tartarus Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Banshee Reverb Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Chroma Amaru Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Excalibur Avalon Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Excalibur Mordred Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Gara Virago Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Inaros Anubis Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Khora Delphi Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nezha Circa Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nidus Myxini Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nova Flux Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Oberon Oryx Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Trinity Aura Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Vauban Armistice Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Volt Pulse Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Volt Storm Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Wukong Macak Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Zephyr Cierzo Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Zephyr Tengu Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds


  • Falcor Shock-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Hek Desert-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Plinx Shock-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Scindo Dagger-Axe Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Scindo Manticore Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
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