Star Wars: The Old Republic, is now available on Steam

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Electronic Arts have just released its free to play Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, on Steam. After years of being locked to the Origin store and launcher, the game has finally come to Steam. The launcher itself will still install the game, so this is a case where gamers will be installing a launcher and basic files through Steam, and downloading the rest through the Star Wars: The Old Republic launcher itself.

The game is free to download and mostly free-to-play. You can max out your characters across multiple classes on the free tier, but the extra rewards for more quests beyond that are locked. Players are also locked out of some other features like expanded crafting and trading. The sub is competitively priced with other MMOs, so it isn’t too expensive.

The various classes each have their own story elements, complete with tons of dialogue and cutscenes. There are classes for Sith, Jedi and tons of Soldier and Rogue variants like Bounty Hunter and Trooper.

The story of the game has expanded over time. SWTOR builds off of the KOTOR games from all those years ago. The game even tackles characters like Revan and the Exile from those two games. Though the storylines for the classes aren’t as engaging as that of KOTOR 2, it’s very much worth playing these games if you;re a hardcore Star Wars fan. There are also five different expansions for the game, each adding new story elements, quests and gear.

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Players can gather their allies to face challenging encounters against enemy bosses in Flashpoints and Operations. Additionally, they can battle against other players in Player vs. Player Warzones, Arenas, or Galactic Starfighter missions.

You can download and start playing Star War: The Old Republic by visiting its Steam store page.

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