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Far Cry 5 has been fully cracked


Far Cry 5 uses multiple layers of DRM and anti-tamper protection, and all they did was slightly slow down crackers and pirates for a short time.

According to CrackWatch, Far Cry 5 used three different security implementations to protect it’s code from crackers. The primary protection was handled by a recent version of the infamous Denuvo DRM. That DRM and other game code was wrapped in an encoding application called VMProtect. That software obfuscates different strings, arrays and other aspects of a bundled application from reverse-engineering. Finally the anti-cheat protection for Far Cry 5 was provided by Easy Anti-Cheat.

All those layers of protection, and Far Cry 5 took less than 3 weeks to crack.

The news comes by way of cracking group CPY, a notorious outfit responsible for most of the cracks involving Denuvo. A group representative announced the breakthrough on a subReddit dedicated to following news about game cracks.

The really insulting bit is that this game used Denuvo v5.0, the most recent version of the anti-piracy application. You may be wondering why Denuvo is such big news when it gets cracked. That’s because only a short while ago another cracking group allegedly claimed that Denuvo would be the end of piracy. There have also been reports that Denuvo causes performance problems in games where it’s applied.

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Whatever your stance on piracy, this is certainly disappointing news for Ubisoft. Even though more than 5 million copies of Far Cry 5 have been sold, it still hurts to lose sales to piracy.

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