Everspace 2 Crafting Guide

Everspace 2 Has Over 100 Ships

The crafting in Everspace 2 is one of the most important systems in the game. You will be introduced to the basics of this system via story missions, and even get a few basic items. There are a few recipes you can unlock in missions as well. You can craft weapons, new shields and tons of other items to upgrade your craft with. It’s actually one of the best ways to get upgrades to craft them. Here are the basics of crafting in this new sci-fi Early Access title.

If you’re having trouble with Everspace 2, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some fresh new guides. For example, there’s a mission to break up a hardened ore patch early on that’s confusing some folks. You might also want to know the basics of using secondary weapons if you’re in a tight spot in combat.

How to Unlock Crafting

To unlock crafting in Everspace 2, you need to do a few things. Crafting is unlocked in a very specific way in Everspace 2. You need to first have a Cargo Unit installed. This increases your carrying capacity, unlocks crafting, and allows you to dismantle items.  This includes being able to break down weapons, and even make new ones.

Once you have the Cargo Unit installed, you can open the crafting UI and use it to make any recipes you have. You can choose any Primary or Secondary weapons, as well as Modules for your starship. Just select a recipe you have in the sub-menu for each category, and hold R to craft it.

How to Dismantle items

To dismantle items in the game, you need to have a Cargo Unit installed to handle the process. Not every item can be broken down though, so keep that in mind. You will get a prompt that says “X Dismantle” when you can dismantle an item. BE sure to break down any items you really don’t want, if you don’t want to sell them. Just hover your reticle over the item you wish to destroy and hold the prompt.  After a short delay, the item will be dismantled.

You can get the Cargo Unit from the starter planets, but pretty much every star system has some level of Trading active in it. Head over and find one and check out the inventory for sale.

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You could of course head over to any of the Trading Outposts to either sell items or the raw resources from the dismantling. If you want to get a Cargo Unit, you can get one there as well.

How to get Rare Resources

There are some pretty hard-to-find resources that you will need to find for both crafting in Everspace 2, as well as some missions. Your first real mission in Everspace 2 is “From Scatch” which needs you to get some of these. You can also use them for some crafting recipes, so remember this info.

How to get Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal can be found in all the different systems in the game. It’s most common in asteroid and junk fields in various star systems. You will see them as hunks of metal floating out in space. These will be marked on your HUD as a grey box icon. You can fly over and push F to collect the loot, as you do with any other loot.

How to get the Cooling Unit

You will need to get through some combat to get a Cooling Unit. You can only get this item when you destroy an enemy ship and sift through the wreckage. You will see loot drops from destroyed ships marked on your HUD with red circles around them. Be sure to check any wrecks left behind after combat to get this and other loot.

How to get Aetheum Crystal

You can find Aetheum Crystal when it’s on the side of asteroids. Look for the glowing purple crystals on the outside of any asteroid. You will then need to blow them up with some missiles or other heavy weapons to spawn the loot. You need two clusters of the Aetheum Crystal to complete the mission. But there seem to be some other recipes that may use it, so keep this in mind for later.

That’s it, the end of this guide, now get back out there among the stars.

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