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Dying Light Hellraid Release Date

Dying Light Hellraid

Dying Light Hellraid is a new piece of DLC for the zombie game, offering new enemies to fight and parkour to do. There has been a lot of suspicions that this game addon might never come out, as the Dying Light franchise has been a little rocky for some time. With the ongoing work on Dying Light 2 still dragging on, a lot of fans thought the first game was being left to wither.

And as Techland finally works the new DLC into existence, we’re getting some details about the release. The company has released a trailer for the DLC, but also detailed when the game is coming out.

Check out the trailer for Dying Light Hellraid down below.

The DLC will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 23. All you need to do to get the DLC is to drop $9.99 and add it to your base game. Dying Light is currently heavily discounted for the ongoing Steam sale. So if you don’t already own it, now’s the chance.

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Dying Light Hellraid is a rather big shift in tone and gameplay from the base game. The new story elements add a new challenge by inserting the player into a literal video game world. The portal is discovered to this TRON-but-zombies world in the basement of your base, and you’re sucked into this bizarre dimension with no apparent means of escape.

Thre’s magic and terrifying undead everywhere, and you will have some new weapons to keep you safe. With the skeletal enemies and other threats ripped from the annuls of gaming iconography, there’s no shortage of nonsense to deal with. But one cool addition is that the new DLC adds support for co-op play as well. Players will be able to team up and take on the story alone or with a buddy.

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