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Doom Eternal details difficulty and design decisions

DOOM Eternal Story Trailer

Doom Eternal may still be quite a ways away from release, but that hasn’t stopped developers Bethesda Softworks from making the rounds to promote the game in this final push ahead of release. The latest iteration in the press blitz is a discussion about difficulty within the upcoming FPS. According to the development team, players should expect something different compared to the 2016 reboot.

The game’s co-director, Hugo Martin, recently spoke with USGamer about the difficulty settings within Doom Eternal. Players will see more variation in the difficulty levels in this new game. The game offers both classic difficulty options for players who want that, but this game brings something new to the table. For one thing, this new game will be much more intense.

Although regardless of which option you pick, it’s “basically the same exact game.” Going back to 2016’s DOOM, the developers made some pretty major changes to the way the game was played. According to the team, the game changed too much from each difficulty” with that release. For the sequel though, the team wants to keep a consistently intense pace. If a harder option is chosen, it is “just way fucking faster.” But what they don’t want to do is jump into adding too many mechanics and flow changes that push players away.

For harder difficulty options, there’s Nightmare, which is the same game, but those playing at this level are “doing it way faster.”  The other major option is extreme. Say hello to Permadeath. It’s exactly as the name implies. If you thought Halo LASO runs were overwhelmingly hard, wait for this.

The company has also been pushing out other hype news for the game. One such reveal was a new gameplay trailer, which can be seen below. Doom Eternal releases on March 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC; and at a later date for Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch.

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