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Star Citizen new Around the Verse, Rebel Yela

Around the Verse July 19 2018 update

The latest Around the Verse video for Star Citizen has just landed, and you should really take a look at it.

CIG is putting a lot of focus on player behavior and immergent gameplay in Star Citizen, and this week’s ATV update is all about it. To start with, a group of Star Citizen players organized in-game PvP fights in the FPS mode, and plan to turn the battles into weekly events.

There’s more discussion of player behavior of a not-so-friendly variety as well. CIG acknowledged player protests that are ongoing at CryAstro over Arena Commander progress by CIG. You can read more about this backlash over here.

In terms of game patches and updates, CIG are working on updating ship flight and combat mechanics and make the experience much smoother for gamers. Targeting and related controls have been streamlined as well.

After that, we get a glimpse of some of the environments being created for the upcoming alpha 3.3 (which will release in September), including the new procedural tools used to build them. The team is also fleshing out star systems and the in-game economy of the PU, often with these same tools.

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In other Star Citizen news, crowdfunding has now passed 190 million dollars, and it’s sitting on $190,138,736, provided by 2,058,870 registered users.

Check out the latest ATV update for this week down below.

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