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Capcom hints at reviving some of its dormant franchises


Capcom has been putting a lot of time into its older games, pushing out remasters and other rehashes for classic franchises. Resident Evil has led the charge, letting gamers relive new versions of these classic games. The zombie can’t carry the weight on their own though, and that means more games are likely to come to the fore.

In recent press runs, the company hinted that new things are in the works. When asked about its dormant IPs, Capcom said that they’re looking into something a bit more nostalgic.

“We are currently putting together plans for our pipeline based on-demand data from the market. Going forward, we will continue to take customers’ wishes into consideration while devising our title lineup.”

As for what games to expect, the details are pretty light. Capcom hasn’t revealed planned details on any remakes or remasters other than RE games. The publisher/developer hasn’t had a new IP in a long time, suggesting their banking a lot more on their classic games. Pragmata, which Capcom revealed in 2020, was the first new IP that the company had unveiled in ten years. This will be the first new worldwide release of a new IP  since 2012’s Dragon’s Dogma. Hopefully that new game can capture a fanbase much like the aforementioned RPG has.

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All that hasn’t really dampened fans hopes for returns of some amazing older IPs. Some fans suspect that a Dino Crisis comeback may be in the works. Viewtiful Joe has also been due for a rehash for years, and fans really want it. Resident Evil 4‘s remaster is likely consuming most of the development bandwidth right now, so it could still be a while before we see anything like that.

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