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Xbox Live Gold costs rising in UK

Xbox Live

Microsoft has announced a major price change for console gamers in the UK. In a new message to subscribers of their Xbox Live Gold service, UK gamers learned of an incoming price increase for the online gaming system, due later in 2019. The message sent to current subscribers is as follows:

As of May 08, the 12-month subscription fee for Xbox Live Gold is increasing from £39.99 to £49.99 to address changing market conditions. All current subscribers will keep their current subscription fee for 90 days. You will be charged the new price effective August 7, 2019 unless you choose to cancel your subscription before the next scheduled payment.

Fees are due to increase across the board, with the biggest sticker shock coming with the annual subscription bundles getting a base price increase of £10 for a year sub.

Speaking to VG247, Microsoft had the following to say:

To ensure gamers have consistent pricing for Xbox Live Gold across Europe we are making changes to UK pricing from May 8th. Prices will rise by £1 a month for our monthly subscriptions, £3 for our quarterly subscriptions and by £10 a year for an annual membership. This new pricing is aligned to the changes we made in the region in 2016 as we strive to offer our members premium gaming and entertainment services at a fair price. We have notified members whose accounts are on recurring billing in the UK so they are aware well in advance.

In essence this is a precautionary measure by Microsoft to reduce the likelihood that Brexit triggers some massive price shocks due to the inevitable market instability the political kerfuffle is causing. Since the initial Brexit referendum passed, UK markets and currency values have been all over the place, and as the situation continues to complicate and cause political turmoil, one can expect this trend of currency value loss to continue to some degree.

The GBP has managed to recover a bit over the last few months, and the most recent vote to delay Brexit due to dissatisfaction with Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal has only complicated matters. And with financial investment in the country taking a tumble in late 2018, it looks like Microsoft wants to shore up their accounts to keep the UK division stable ahead of the due uncertainty.

What do you think of this whole mess? Let us know in the comments.


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