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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will have the X-Men

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Will Have X-Men

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 got a new trailer today, one which confirmed something that fans of the franchise have always been curious about since the title was announced. The new Switch title takes the roster choices for the game from across the Marvel universe, so it’s no real shocker that the legendary X-Men will play a part in the new game.

So we’re getting to jump into the brawl with some of our favorite heroes. And as a special treat, we get to take on villains like Magneto, Mystique, and Juggernaut as well.

And while the full roster isn’t confirmed outright, there’s plenty of new and returning additions in this newest trailer. We see  Storm, Nightcrawler, Pyslocke all taking part in the action. And then they’re joined by fan-favorites like Beast, Scarlet Witch, and Deadpool, and of course Wolverine. Although some of these characters are relegated to non-playable roles, it’s still nice to see them involved.

The game has dozens of characters involved in some way. All the most well-known heroes are being included, with a vast majority of those featured in the MCU being playable. So we’ll get to play as Star Lord, Gamora, Black Panther, Captain America, Ant-Man and so many more.  Other characters like Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Hulk, Nebula and so many more will be on hand too.

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And as someone who spent a lot of hours screwing around with the Civil War-inspired Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 back in 2009, I’m pretty excited to pick up this game and give it a whirl.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order releases July 19 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the new gameplay trailer for it down below.

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