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Wargroove Double Trouble DLC launches soon


Indie developer Chucklefish has some news for fans of Wargroove, now has a release date. The company has finally revealed that the new DLC will be coming out next month. Check out the new Wargroove Double Trouble DLC in the trailer down below. The game update is due to launch on February 6th for PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The company also revealed that a PS4 release is coming.

Chief among the new content in the DLC is a new co-op campaign, which will be the centerpiece of the patch and new content. Along with that content, a paid patch will include three new unique commanders. These three commanders offer their own story elements and style and of course, Grooves. There will also be a free update for all players of the base game that introduces full public and private multiplayer lobbies.

And speaking of those three commanders, there was a bit of controversy a while back you might want to hear about. The developer landed in hot water over the announcement of this new DLC a few months ago, over certain casting choices. The controversy centered on the casting of a white actor to play non-white characters, this was met with some backlash online. “We appreciate everybody who took the time to share their concerns and educate us,” the developer said in response.

The developer also said the original response to the controversy was “insensitive and poorly communicated,” but stressed that the development and casting process was designed in such a way as to remove “unconscious biases.”

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Wargroove’s Double Trouble DLC comes out on February 6th for PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 version arriving “soon” after the first launch.

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