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Star Wars: Battlefront gets space-based mode in Death Star DLC


The upcoming Death Star DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront will feature a Battle Station game mode in which X-Wings and TIE Fighters clash in space. This three-phase fight concludes with the Rebel forces attempting to blow up the titular Death Star.

In the first phase, which is reminiscent of the space battles in the previous Battlefront game, sees X-wings and TIEs dogfighting in apace. Both sides are attempting to battle of control of the space around the Death Star. Rebels will be attempting to destroy enough Imperials to allow a bombing run on the defending Star Destroyer. Imperial forces will be attempting to defend said Star Destroyer.

Phase two sends players inside the Death Star itself. Here, the Rebels need to extract an important droid (and the Empire need to prevent this from happening). During this phase, Star Wars: Battlefront will enable you to play as new DLC heroes Bossk and Chewbacca.

Finally, the final phase shifts back into space. Players will be essentially living out the famous trench run sequence. Rebel players can play as Luke Skywalker in his Red-5 X-Wing, while Imperial forces will deploy Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced.

Star Wars: Battlefront gets the Death Star DLC in September.

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