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Square Enix Collective Teases Nintendo Switch Announcement

Square Enix Collective

Square Enix Collective, a division of the popular Japanese publisher, has teased a new announcement. The company, rather than focusing on the RPGs and other properties that the main division is popular for, Square Enix Collective is a bit simpler. The studio has now teased an announcement for the Nintendo Switch later this week. No idea what it could be yet though.

The announcement was revealed by Square Enix Collective on Twitter today. The sub-label within the publisher focuses on “super cool indie games” in their own words. And they seem to be jumping at the chance to generate some hype online.

There is only one game set for release in the division: a new, top-down racing game called Circuit Superstars, which is set to release on PC sometime this year. Other than that, nothing else is planned for Square Enix Collective. That simple indie title takes cute graphics and blends with complex strategy, common in F1 simulations. It’s a strange combination to be sure, and it seems like it could be really fun.

The idea of new announcements has fans wondering what else could be in store. The battles of 2020 within the video game industry are heating up, and gamers are hungry for more games and news about games. For this particular Square Enix reveal, whatever it might be, has prompted many to wonder if it meant that Nintendo and other companies have new games in store.

And with all of the Switch news breaking around this week, it’s no wonder that Square Enix Collective wants to hop on the bandwagon. For example, the recent reveal of a major Witcher 3 patch has fans excited. Although I doubt that this indie pub will be jumping into the RPG space. but knowing the massive push of indies on the platform, there could literally be anything coming our way. Of course the massive success of the platform also helps fuel this speculation.

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