How to become a Pharmacist in BitLife

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There are so many different career options and life paths in CandyWriter’s mobile sim. BitLife has far too many options to cover in just this one guide, though. Some can be a pretty hard job to get, as it takes both a good education and a solid amount of luck. There’s no real trick to getting there though, as a lot of stuff with this app is based on that luck. You will also need to put your time into getting the right degree. Keep reading to figure all of this out.

For those of you who like to sort pills, or watch other people to it on TikTok, we have the perfect career for you. If you wanted to be a pharmacist or pharmacy tech, you can do that in this mobile sim too. It’s pretty much the same process as any advanced degree. You just need to pick the right options during your education.

How to become a Pharmacist in BitLife

Like any other specialized career, you need to begin with high Smarts. You can either use the God Mode addon to force it at character creation, or go the manual route. The easier option for manual players is just to visit the Library and read books. You will get both Happiness and Smarts if you do this often enough. Now, just age up and study hard in grade school. Once you’ve made it through High School, it’s time for University. You can pick any number of options, but there’s one that works best for when you want to become a Pharmacist in BitLife.

Just use the Education tab to enroll in University and begin. Chemistry is the best path here. You could possibly get the option with Biology as well, according to some sources. But for most people, just opt for Chemistry. When you enroll, age again until you graduate with your Chem degree. You will then be given the option to move on to a higher program. Choose Pharmacy school to finish up. Graduate and go into Pharmacy School when you get the option. Age up again until you finish this part off. This will unlock the ability to take on the Pharmacy Tech jobs.

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Now, you’re finished and you can become a Pharmacist in BitLife.

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