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SCOPE: Drifter Activity Increases

Scope Drifter Wormhole
Alton Haveri reports on location in Hakonen as Drifter activity continues to intensify across the cluster. New Eden watches with fear and curiosity while the strange, deadly vessels begin to pay particular attention to capsuleer activity and decloaked Jove Observatories.

The Drifters are a mysterious new faction that appeared in New Eden in early YC117 (2015). So far all attempts at communication with them have failed. They are seen by most as invaders and after attacking the Amarr empire and killing empress Jamyl I, the Amarr empire declared war on them.

By all appearances and indications the Drifters are members of the Jove race, albeit far removed and with a strangely altered physiology. The high degree of cybernetic modification that Drifters exhibit seems to go hand in hand with an implacable single-mindedness and utter ruthlessness while pursuing their mysterious goals. Whatever their ends may be, the technology at their command unquestionably rivals and perhaps even surpasses that which other Jove have been seen to use.

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