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Minecraft Dungeons gets Howling Peaks DLC

Is there a mobile version of Minecraft Dungeons?

Mojang Studios has announced that the next Minecraft Dungeons DLC known as Howling Peaks will arrive for the dungeon crawler in December, but that’s not all. Crossplay is also coming to the game as well this year. And all of that will be the prelude to the next big content expansion. So here are the details we have so far.

“At launch, cross-platform play is not supported in Minecraft Dungeons,” said a FAQ for the game. Minecraft Dungeons is out for all modern consoles and PC, but something has been missing for some time. The post-launch update that folks were looking forward to will land next month. In November 2020 it will finally be possible to play with your friends regardless of platform, at least that’s the hope.

Judging from what has been revealed this week, that seems to be the case. It has seemingly been confirmed that all console versions will have cross-platform support when the update lands.

“Our goal is to let everyone play together regardless of platform, and we’re looking forward to enabling cross-platform play in a future free game update,” continued the developer. The developer had also stated that online matchmaking is not happening—the game is intended to be “played together with your friends—either on a comfy couch or in a comfy online session.”

Alongside that update comes the December content release that is the Howling Peaks DLC. The Howling Peaks DLC was revealed this past weekend and will include tons of new content. When you get into the new DLC, you can expect a fair amount of new stuff to take on with your friends.

The DLC includes a new major boss known as the Tempest Golem that dominates the new zone. Players will also encounter new mobs, new maps and more. The DLC will implement 20 new difficulty levels that will increase mob spawns and health along with a ton of new rewards. Players who found the base game too easy are in for a real tough challenge.

The overall experience will also bring a Season Pass system to the game. The Howling Peaks DLC will be the first of many expansions for the adventure game.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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