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Battlefield V’s battle royale Firestorm launches March 25th

Battlefield V

Battlefield V has been out for a while now, and players are still wanting more of the fast-paced shooter action the title offers.

To keep the game alive and bringing fresh players to the fold, DICE and EA have a plan for the future of Battlefield 5, including a series of content releases aimed at adding new maps, game modes and weapons. The newest series of content updates includes a battle royale mode called Firestorm.

Firestorm is a 64 player mode with both Solo and Squad-based queues for players to jump into. Players will team up to take over the map via a series of contested control points. And all the typical trappings of the battle royale genre are here. The map shrinks as time passes, forcing players into conflict, and as resources like ammo shrink, competition gets more fierce. As players claim more objectives, they gain the ability to call in unique abilities like powerful new weapon drops or a tank assault on a certain position. This twist to gameplay on the typical formula should allow for some very creative gunplay when Firestorm drops.

EA and DICE announced today that Firestorm will be added to Battlefield 5 come March 25.It will be launched as a free update to all owners of the game at the time, and anyone who buys the game after this date will get the patch automatically.

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The game also got DLSS support and other fixes in recent patches, so that’s pretty cool too. It shows that DICE is committed to making this shooter the best it can be.

Battlefield V launched in November 2018 for Xbox One, PC and PS4, and is available now. You can take a look at the reveal trailer for the new battle royale mode down below.

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