SAO Alicization Lycoris Reind Lakeshore Service Quest Guide

SAO Alicization Lycoris Reind Lakeshore Side Quests Guide

SAO Alicization Lycoris has many different quests. And like any good JRPG there are different quests to take on in each area. The seaside area of Reind Lakeshore has a ton of fishermen looking for help, and some people who want various tasks done. Check out our guide for each sidequest in the Reind Lakeshore and where to look for each solution.

Be careful, and save often, many players are reporting bugs with some quests in this area. Even though they have defeated all of the bosses, they still can’t progress in some areas. Make sure to have saves you can roll back to if you find yourself in such a situation. Also, be sure to rotate your save slots.

SAO Alicization Lycoris Reind Lakeshore Side Quest Guide

  • A Fisherman’s Secret Weapon – The Fisherman near the entrance of the village will ask for 20 fiber. The best way to find it is to head back to the river in the Warmia Greenbelt and look along there until you have enough.
  • Beach Creach – A mini-boss fight involving some flying whales. Not an easy fight as it involves co-op play. Be ready with plenty of healing items.
  • Fisher Pharmaceuticals – 4 Minta Leaf, 4 White Daisy, and 4 Rosemir Leaf need to be brought back to the quest giver. You can buy these at the apothecary in the capital if you need more.
  • Fishing Wars – A fisherman in town will ask you to kill 3 Oddfish Flowers, head to the spot marked on your map to find the target.
  • Mildean Fish Stew – Bring some fish stew back to the girl who gave you the quest.
  • Right Here Waiting – A set of Honey Ants is plaguing the area, head to the marked area and take them out to progress the story.
  • Seaside Stew – Bring ingredients for stew back to the woman. You need to kill around 5 Stone Crabs and 5 Ocean Crabs to get enough of the items you need. Ocean Crabs are very easy to find on the marked area on the map. The stone crabs will only show themselves once you attack them. Look for the oddly shaped blue-tinted rocks on the shoreline. They look very different to the grey rocks around the area.
  • Ship Recycling – You need to head to two different wrecked ships and grab the highlighted parts from them. Look for the golden circle on your map to find the ships. They will be on the western side of the main island.
  • The Birds and the Beasts – A kill quest where you’re hunting some unique bird enemies. Head to the shoreline to find them. Be careful of the Rock Crabs in the area as they can be aggroed.
  • The Round Ruins Of Reind – Another mini-boss. Head to the marker on the map and use your Water Cutter Sacred Art in the pool. This will summon a tough rock monster to fight. Defeat the boss to complete the quest.
  • Wheat Addiction –  The same fisherman from Fisher Pharmaceuticals now wants some Yellow Wheat. Head back to the Cordea Plains and do a loop looking for it. You can reset the area after a loop by leaving and returning from a new area if you don’t get enough the first time.
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – A girl in town is looking for Desert Scorched Sirloin. If you don’t have any left from previous areas, head back to the Blacksmith in Deusoldort Desert to make more.
  • Wish Upon a Fish – Speak to one of the fishermen in town who wants you to get 3 Dart Fish. These can be picked up in the dock area, once you have three of them, head to the marked area and drop them off.
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