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Resident Evil 3 Artwork Uncovered On The PlayStation Network

Resident Evil 3

A Resident Evil 3 remake was just confirmed thanks to a surprise listing on PSN. So far we only have the Resident Evil 3 remake artwork to gawk at. No other details have been released yet, and no release date is known. Fans are currently speculating that the game will come out sometime in 2020. We do get to see the new versions of Jill and Nemesis, which both look great. Carlos Oliveira. is also here, looking quite different from his original iteration.

This remake follows the spectacular release of another RE Engine remake of Resident Evil 2. Capcom completely restructured the PS1 classic for that remake, putting out a much more tense and engaging tone for fans and newcomers. The epic story of Leon and Claire is considered one of the best survival horror games, as well as one of the favorite games in the Resident Evil franchise, so a remake was something we all wanted. Capcom really hit it out of the park in terms of quality. Getting a full redo for Resident Evil 3 is sure to have millions of gamers excited.

The leak also revealed a special version of the remake, the Z Version. No idea what this is, but we can guess. Based on the previous remake, we will see more custom costumes and possibly gameplay addons. It’s possible the Z Version will include a bundle of previously unexplored sections of the story, in addition to some bonus cosmetics.

Gamestat revealed the leak on PSN earlier today. Gamestat is an automated service that tracks changes on various digital distribution services, including PSN. So that these new images have been listed on PSN is all the confirmation we need that Capcom is in fact working on a full remake for the classic starring Jill Valentine.

Another batch of images was uncovered that showed potential  cover art for the upcoming asynchronous multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe. Resident Evil Resistance will follow the Dead by Daylight model, pitting a team against a single super-powerful foe. Resident Evil Resistance will feature multiple unique Survivors, taking on the Mastermind. The Mastermind has access to all sorts of devious traps and enemies to spawn. As a special treat, the legendary and terrifying Mr. X will be in the game as an enemy. No release date has been confirmed for Resident Evil Resistance as of yet, expect more news quite soon.

Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance Cover Art

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