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Paradox shows off massive scale of Stellaris


Paradox Interactive has made a name for itself by perfecting the Grand Strategy genre. They’ve become synonymous with grand-scale realtime strategy to the point that their games are the first thing most people think of when talking about said genre. Stellaris, their entry into the space-based 4X (eXplore-eXpand-eXploit-eXterminate) genre is a continuation of that legacy.

Stellaris not only includes the characteristic grand scale in it’s singeplayer, but Paradox recently showed off a similarly impressive scale in Stellaris’ multiplayer component. Stellaris’ largest map size generates a four-armed spiral galaxy with 1000 inhabitable stars spread across it—each with a solar system and planets of its own—which leaves enough room for a whopping 32 players or AI factions to fight for supremacy.

Stellaris continue the real-time elements of other Paradox titles, eschewing the careful planning of turn-based games for the ability to be responsive and flexible. And if the number of players ever reaches 32 in a game you’re in, you better be lightning fast at every point. The political intrigue and maneuvering for land grabs of other Paradox titles will feature heavily in Stellaris, so players better be prepared to think on their feet.

It also helps that the game looks incredible. A slick UI and impressive graphical elements shown in the early screenshots make Stellaris look rather spiffy.

Stellaris is currently planned for a TBA 2016 release. You can check out more details for the game here.

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