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Next Fable won’t be an MMO, may have some online elements

Fable on Xbox Series X

Yesterday, Microsoft took to the stage during their Xbox Games Showcase to debut the next Fable game. And almost immediately, fans started talking. The rumors began to spread from some anonymous sources that the game would be more of an MMO title, a severe departure from the singleplayer RPGs of the earlier games.

It has now been all but confirmed that this is not the case. Various sources, including industry insiders, have dispelled the rumor of the next Fable being any kind of MMO. That’s not to say that it will be entirely without multiplayer though. There are now rumors that the next game in the RPG franchise will have a multiplayer lobby-style system.

Fable was among many of the games announced during the event, and like many others, it will be some time before next-gen Fable lands on the Xbox Series X. The current consensus is that the game is due sometime in 2021.

And when it does launch, it will have some kind of online play. The online element of next-gen Fable will possibly take a form similar to a very interesting game. According to the response, there could be online play similar to the team-based modes of Forza Horizon 4. This means that Xbox Series X Fable could have a Team Adventure mode where players complete quests as part of a team of adventurers, with the most effective team earning the rewards.

It’s a very interesting twist on the typical RPG multiplayer, so it will be wonderful to see it be successful. It’s important to stress that the new game is still very early in development, so take all of this with a big grain of salt.

So while it won’t be on the scale of the likes of WoW, Final Fantasy 14 or Black Desert Online, it will have some fun to have with friends beyond local multiplayer.

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