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New Path of Exile Expansion Announced

Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds

Grinding Gear Games, developers of the excellent Free-to-Play Action RPG Path of Exile recently released details and a new trailer for the next expansion of Path of Exile. The Atlas of Worlds expansion will launch on September 2, the developer revealed this week. You can view the Atlas of Worlds trailer below.

Longtime players have a lot of experience with the end-game of Path of Exile that exists within the Map Crafting system. Which uses a map generator and maps picked up as loot to create custom high-level areas with unique qualities. The previous system is being expanded in the new content. The expansion includes 30 more areas and 19 new bosses, as well as a refreshed, higher-quality look for all existing older maps.

These new maps aren’t just random areas, either. Grinding Gear Games has added narrative content, wrapping the reason and purpose behind these new areas into a larger new story. These new areas will also offer increasing difficulty as the players progress closer to the center. With level areas ranging from 28 to 86 depending on the map and the area within said map.

GGG has admitted that the end-game for Path of Exile has been too repetitive and predictable, hopefully Atlas of Worlds is the first step in a full-fledged overhaul that makes the end-game more varied and engaging for hardcore players.

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