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Path of Exile 2 Gameplay Revealed

Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 4.0 is finally here, and it’s so much more insane than we could have even imagined. The reveal of the 3.9 expansion Conquerors of the Atlas is just nuts. The MetaMorph league has me really excited for finding out how GGG plans to take advantage of the new shapeshift systems for your player character. Yes, you read that right, there’s a new system coming soon that will allow the player to alter their physical shape through shapeshifting. And that’s just one of the many new systems coming in Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile 4.0.

Endgames and Other Content

The full revamp of the mapping system in 3.9 is just the start. The breaking out of the conquerors from the maps, when combined with the new Watchstones will allow players to completely recreate their own unique version of the Atlas. Players can expect tons of new bosses and content in Path of Exile 2.

The inclusion of the completely new Skill Gems system, which will allow up to 8 Six-Links with multiple main attack skills per build is a complete change to the Auras, skills and supports that people will use in this new version. It will be interesting to see how GGG balances rarity to make this new system more compelling for both casual and veteran players.

A New Look And Feel

What has been shown onstage at ExileCon has shown us one thing. The entire look of the style is a complete transference of what people are used to with POE. Path of Exile 2 will go for a much more dark and gritty feel. The opening of Exiles being executed cuts the message pretty deeply, showing players that this is a dangerous new world you’re in.

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To really hammer home that message though, GGG just released some gameplay footage that shows off the overall changes to the game in a very general way. The inventory, skills and total gameplay changes are massive, and GGG will no doubt be dropping more details this weekend. There’s a new gameplay preview for Path of Exile 2 that shows this pretty perfectly. Check it out, it’s freaking amazing.

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