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New DOOM film, DOOM Annihilation, gets first trailer

Doom Annihilation Coming in 2019

After the terrible mess of schlock that was the 2005 DOOM film featuring Karl Urban and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, video game fans have been skeptical of seeing the FPS franchise return to the silver screen. Now, a new film based on the iconic game series is coming back from the dead, this time as a DVD/Blu Ray/Digital release.

Doom Annihilation is coming to DVD via a variety of retailers this Fall. And it’s not going to be constrained by the previous film, as Doom Annihilation is it’s own self-contained story. Since it’s a low-budget release though, I wouldn’t expect more than typical B-movie goodness at best. The movie does have some interesting casting choices though that could help put some meat on the bones of Doom Annihilation. The cast includes Amy Manson from Atlantis, Dominic Mafham from Ophelia and a handful of other stars.

The story seems to follow at least some of the setup from the source material, with a team of marines responding to a distress beacon from a research on Mars. At least it looks like this version is going for a more demonic influence this time around, as opposed to the poorly executed genetic experiments from the 2005 film adaptation.

The new trailer for the film, which can be seen below, shows some pretty standard B-movie stuff like quirky sets, over-the-top costuming and some really cheesy effects. Hopefully this film doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead embraces more a weird take on the games. At least that’s what I’m wanting to see here, although it’s impossible to know what the film is like until it releases.

On the game side of things, since the release of the 2016 DOOM, fans and gamers alike have been waiting on the next game in the franchise, DOOM Eternal. We know that this new game will be on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC, but not much else beyond that. Maybe we’ll see some more of it at E3 2019?

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