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Mortal Kombat 11 gets Terminated in new DLC

Terminator Comes to Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is finally getting another addition to its roster with the much-hyped reveal of the newest DLC fighter. This time, we’re getting down to the bare metal, so to speak. That’s because the fighting game is getting another film icon added to its stable of brawlers. First it was the legendary fighter of evil, Ash from Evil Dead, and now we get another killing machine in the bunch. The realistic Skynet cyborg, the T-800 model 101 joins the fray, looking to rip arms and legs off aplenty.

Some people might not think paying for single characters as DLC characters is justified, but there’s a long history of this. DLC fighters in fighting games is a huge part of the overall strategy for developing and releasing new content. And since the less-crunchy development cycle it empowers allows for more development time to bug fix and address balance issues, games are made all the better for it. The community around this genre has been known to be pretty outspoken and rowdy, and often takes issue with more predatory practices in the industry, but it seems like the potential issues with single character releases have been largely overcome. At least until NetherRealm or another developer screws up in some other way, like extremely toxic crunch culture.

Arnie is back in a big way boys and girls, check him out in the new trailer for the DLC character down below. He’s even got that iconic shotgun that so many will know from the greatest film in the franchise, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Sadly though, Arnold Schwarzenegger did not voice this iteration, and the difference is pretty obvious. But aside from that one issue, it looks like a lot of fun to take this badass into battle.

Owners of the Kombat Pack will be able to try out the Terminator on October 8, 2019. He’ll be available for purchase individually a week later. And that means they will get some time with the new resurrection mechanic the T-800 brings to the brawl. Much like Jason in Mortal Kombat X, the T-800 can bounce back from otherwise lethal damage, stalking across the battlefield. The scene is meant to mimic that legendary chase sequence from the first film, making it pretty harrowing for the player that has to face it down in battle. The Terminator will also be usable as an AI assist in the Towers of Time mode.

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But a new fighter and his various uses in different modes isn’t the only thing being added to the game in the spooky month of 2019. Players will also be able to slap on some new skins to the character, as well as new cosmetic options for other cast. Cassie Cage is getting a new DC crossover, Kano is amping up his cyborgness to compete with Arnie, and Sonya will be getting a very survivalist look that echoes Sarah Conner pretty hard.

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