Genshin Impact gliding challenge locations and rewards guide

Genshin Impact gliding challenge locations and rewards guide

The Genshin Impact gliding challenge is a new set of challenges added to the game that involves an aerial obstacle course. To start, you must be of Adventure Rank 20 to begin, keep that in mind.

The trick here is to move slowly when needed and claim the gold insignias without missing it or slamming into the dirt. You have to collect several of them in a row for each day, and the number you collect impacts how many of the items you get from the reward pool. Getting the insignias each day is only part of the fun, having a good time will also confer extra rewards.

You can use the Updraft ability if you have access to it to slow your descent. You can also use any ability that boosts fly speed to get through the rings faster if you want. Be careful, this approach will result in your glider being harder to control. You can grab the green orbs along the various courses to sprint across short distances as well, speeding up your runs.

Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Locations

Genshin Impact gliding challenge day 1

Head to Lihua Pool and talk to Hughes and the course is set up around the body of water. The path will take you around the mountains nearby, so make some very deliberate movements so as not to smash into the rocks.

Genshin Impact gliding challenge day 2

You can find this challenge by heading to Mt. Aozang. The challenge point starts on the cliffs overlooking the rope bridges nearby. Look north of the Huaguang Stone Forest for the point you’re after. Many of the nodes today are up in the air, so you need to make careful use of your Acent ability by collecting the green orbs.

Genshin Impact gliding challenge day 3

For this day, look southeast of Springvale, just on the beach north of Dragonspine. It’s a pretty easy run, but you will need to make sure to clear the obstacles in your way with careful use of your boosts.

Genshin Impact gliding challenge day 4

Gliding Challenge 4 is not making things any easier. You need to collect a total of five rings this time and they’re scattered all over. You have a very strict 1 minute 30 second time limit as well, complicating matters. You should start by heading to the road just north of CuiJue slope in Liyue, that’s where you will find the challenge. You have to glide along the cliffs and doge both low-hanging rocks and enemies to get this one.

One of the later insignias is also a bit tricky to find. The fourth coin is right near the ground underneath a wooden post. You need to quickly drop down and grab it, then use your upward charge to shoot back up to the course, The key is not to panic if you mess up. Don’t worry about completing the gold-level challenge for the first few runs. Learn the course and move methodically at first, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

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Genshin Impact gliding challenge day 5

To start, head north from Liyue Harbor, just north of Mt. Tianheng. North of the small dirt path there is a small rock plateau, the challenge starts there.

Once there you will need to contend with a rocky obstacle course that is mostly just flying in a downward spiral. As with the previous days, you will want to keep your movements a bit deliberate and not rush around. This is because some of the Sigils you need to claim are a bit hard to get to. After the first sigil, head straight down and grab the second one. From there, you will need to use your boost ability to grab the last few if you want that gold medal.

More days are incoming, be sure to check back over time to learn where the rest of these are.

Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Rewards

If you want the top tier of rewards every day, you’ll need to make use of all the new gliding abilities you get during the challenges. The usual time trial effects of rings of wind that boost your speed are included, but to help you hit all of them you can also Ascend or collect elemental particles for up to two speed boosts yourself.

Drop in height to make sure you hit the existing wind rings and save your manual speed boosts for when you’re on a long flat stretch. Existing wind rings are better than manual boosts because they’ll also send you in the correct direction for the course automatically. Use Ascend to make sure you don’t miss the golden Sigils dotted around the course, collecting all five will ensure you get the best score possible, and as long as you have about two minutes left on the clock you should breeze past that top score.

Each day you can earn the following rewards:

  • 60 primogems
  • 60,000 mora
  • 2 “Guide”-level talent-up materials
  • 3 Hero’s Wit character EXP materials

The best rewards are unlocked when you achieve the medal times for each course. By collecting the total amount of coins for each day and doing it quickly, you can earn the following rewards:

  • Bronze Insignia (10,000 points): 60 primogems
  • Silver Insignia (20,000 points): 30,000 mora and 2 Guide to “Freedom” talent-up materials
  • Gold Insignia (30,000 points): 30,000 mora and 3 Hero’s Wit
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