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Monster Hunter World overtakes PUBG as the top paid game on the Xbox One

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The massively popular Monster Hunter World has taken the top spot from PUBG. On the Xbox Store’s top seller list in the US, Monster Hunter World has managed to take top billing. Although in the UK, Monster Hunter World is only #2, it’s selling well, especially in Japan where it has sold millions of copies, and has great reviews. You can check out our Monster Hunter World review here.

All of this success has led to a lot of new players discovering Monster Hunter for the first time. If you’re one of these players who feels a bit lost with the complex crafting system in the game, check out our guide to farming materials to help jump-start your production.

Although PUBG may see a resurgence to the top given that Microsoft has just announced a new $299.99 Xbox One S bundle.

This is everything you get in the bundle, according to Microsoft:

  • An Xbox One S with a 1 TB hard drive
  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • Full-game download of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial
  • one-month Xbox Game Pass trial

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