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ReShade is a special program that offers a better visual experience for various games. Using Vulkan API, the developers and community apply extra shaders to help enhance the quality of game worlds. It’s a pretty neat little tool. Kenshi on the other hand, is very dusty and simple. The game has a lot of drab-looking environments, but still a very engrossing world. And with ReShade in Kenshi, you can make the game look a bit better. Here’s what they can do. First. let’s cover how to install the app itself.

How to Install ReShade

  1. Open the ReShade website
  2. Download the Installation files at the bottom of the home page
  3. Install the program on your desired location.
  4. Open up the ReShade launcher and select the option Click here to select a game…
  5. Find Kenshi in your list of games and select it
  6. Toggle the option for DirectX 11
  7. The app will download the files it needs, then you can configure ReShade

Since ReShade uses filters that are made by different developers, you can pick and choose which styles you want. For this game, you can either enhance the basic look, or retool it entirely. The Steam Workshop and Nexus both have their own options for reshader plugins to use. You need to download them and follow the installation instructions listed on the mod page. In most cases, you just place the included files into the main Kenshi directory where kenshi_x64.exe is located. Overwrite if prompted. If you’re having trouble finding the install directory, right-click the game in your Steam library and select Manage > Browse Local Files.

Now, let’s talk about some options you have for shader plugins to use with Kenshi.

  • Kenshi Enhanced – This is the option for a more understated overhaul of the in-game graphics. Players wishing to keep mostly the same style as the vanilla game might prefer this one.
  • Desertpunk – By baking in lighting effects and new materials effects, the colors are much brighter in this mod. It’s definitely a very unique look for the game, as the colors are much less muted compared to the original version. If you want an aesthetic closer to Fallout’s wastelands, try this one.
  • Kenshi 2 Style – This plugin takes a lot of hints from the concept art of the game, going for a more slick, Borderlands look.
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You could also add in other mods, especially UI overhauls, to make this experience more appealing. That’s entirely up to you though.

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