MHW Seeing Is Believing Event Quest Guide

With the Summer in full swing, video games are kicking off their own events to celebrate. Capcom gets in on the fun with their own batch of events for Monster Hunter World. We already covered some of them with other guides, like how to get the Golden Macaque armor, now we’re moving over to some new weapons.  This guide will cover a new themed set of Dual Blades added as part of the Seeing Is Believing Event Quest.

The new blades are titled Strong Ale and Master Ale, and as you can guess, they’re themed after some nice hearty drinks. The Dual Blades are available now for all Iceborne players as part of the Sizzling Spice event, including its own set of Tickets and rewards. This weapon will need a bunch of materials to craft, including a few units of Spirited Canteen Ticket.

The Spirited Canteen Ticket can only be obtained by taking on the powerful Tigrex. This beast won’t be an easy fight, but here are some tips. You can absolutely solo this quest as long as you have the right build. This will be much tougher than finding Light Pearls, so you better come prepared.

First off, plan your build around Tigrex’s weakness. That means you will likely want a Thunder-based offense if you’re going for quick takedowns. Tigrex has two-star weakness to non-elemental damage types as well.

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Bring along a self-healing build with the likes of the skill Free Meal, which can be head fairly early on in MR with Jagras+ and Kulve Taroth armor pieces. There is a suped-up version of the build using Tigrex armor, but you obviously may not have that if you’ve never fought Tigrex before. With the Free Meal skill, you will be much tankier overall, as it gives you the potential to use your stock of Mega Potions far beyond their normal carrying capacity. You can further strengthen the build by going for Jewels and pieces that give Attack Boost and Speed Eating. Also, if you have the options, find some gear that has Earplugs.

Tigrex is also a very fast fighter, it’s a good idea to bring along a Temporal Mantle, as well as something to deal with Stuns. You won’t have to deal with Blights though, as the arena fight the Seeing Is Believing Event Quest doesn’t possess the normal elemental effects.

There is a good chance that a Spirited Canteen Ticket will drop in each run. You can speed up farming for a Spirited Canteen Ticket by using a Lucky Voucher to double drops.

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