How to get Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC Items

Bungie has released a new expansion for Destiny 2 called Beyond Light. The new seasons of content are just the start. When it comes to getting the new expansion you have various options for pre-orders and the Deluxe Edition. When you first load up the new content, you can get right into the new Season of the content, but you should also go claim the Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC items.

The expansion changed around a bunch of content. There are new planets, new weapons, new abilities and more. The content being removed is also pretty substantial. Bungie has made a fair bit of changes to the endgame of Destiny 2, and it will be much more interesting to see what they alter next.

But before you dive into that, let’s talk about how to get the new items that come with the various editions. For players that pre-ordered the Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion there are a few items for you to access when you turn on the game for the first time.

And if you pre-ordered the game’s expansion, there will be various items you also have access to.  These items are the Exotic Rimed Ghost Shell, the Beyond Light Emblem, and the Freeze Tag Exotic emote. All three of these items can be unlocked by speaking to Master Rahool on the Tower in the Courtyard. Head into the inventory to equip or otherwise use these items.

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Where to Get the Deluxe Edition Items

If you picked up the Deluxe Edition of the expansion you will receive a number of other bonus items. They’re two very useful Exotics, so you want to get them when you can. Just like the pre-order items, you can claim these are unlocked via Master Rahool on the Tower in the Courtyard. These bonus items are as follows:

  • No Time to Explain (Exotic Pulse Rifle) with Catalyst
  • Any Other Sky (Exotic Sparrow)
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