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Hero Coalition Resets Almost Awesome Alliance

HERO Coalition News

HERO Coalition has been fighting ProviBloc, Pandemic Legion and others for the last few months. Everything was proceeding as planned until we received notice that Almost AwesomeDOT [N0FUX] is leaving HERO Coalition.

Travel advisory: Almost Awesome. [N0FUX] are leaving Hero and therefore they have been set to 0.0, please check your standings.

SENT BY Migui X’hyrrn to All online test/allies @ 2014-11-16 16:27:30 EVE Time

Following an argument between Roweena Azur and June Ting, the Almost Awesome alliance has been booted from HERO.

Our information [later also posted on reddit] said that there was tension between Almost Awesome. leadership and other HERO Alliances. This tension exploded into a big argument which led to multiple alliances resetting Almost Awesome.

The remarks by Roweena are far worse than depicted initially, being heavily homophobic and bigoted in general.  This should not be tolerated by HERO or any coalition that seeks to bring new players to EVE.  EVE already has a somewhat toxic reputation about how it treats new players, this is just unacceptable.  Thankfully, most of the EVE community seems to agree with this sentiment, including some HERO alliances offering to take in Almost Awesome members who wish to jump ship following this.

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