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AAR: The space formerly known as “BPA space”

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As the final addendum to yesterdays goings on with BPA, the BRAVE subreddit is alight with posts confirming the final outcome. With RUS and HERO claiming SOV.  Of special note is the former BPA super production center going to BRAVE.

There are even allegations that -A- and BPA had coordinated to try and allow -A- to take the space before HERO.  Giving BPA a chance to insulate themselves from HERO aggression.  Given the nature of how cushy BPA’s situation was prior to the IG fiasco, this does seem plausible.

Yesterday shortly after downtime we got alerted by SOUND that SOV in Y-PNRL, 6BPS-T and 25S-6P dropped and -A- started to take over those systems. What seems to have happened is that BPA kicked the SOV holding corp and pre arranged with -A- to take over the space. At least -A- being immediately ready with POSes and TCUs, seems to make such an arrangement very likely.

We went down south to scout what’s happening and indeed -A- had TCUs onlining in all systems and was building POS towers next to their TCUs. Further intel reported an Russian Ishtar fleet being on their way, too.

The timing was aweful for us, since it hit us between late AU and early EU timezone and although we pinged for help, there was no way we could form up for a fight. Instead we employed some Gorilla Warfare by setting up a TCU of our own in 6BPS-T. The -A- TCU was not onlining, since they were still busy bashing the SBUs. We succeded started the onlining first and made them bash the TCU, delaying the takeover.

Meanwhile Travis responded to form up a fleet of our own later at 19:30.

Since this time was awefully close to the systems flipping, Sinister Agenda brought down a bashing fleet, to kill as many TCUs as possible, before Travis gets to us. With the help of Bloodline, we could kill all 3 -A- TCUs in 25S-6P.

The main fighting then happened between the BRAVE Eagle fleet supported by an allied Ishtar field from HONOR and TEST vs. the RUS Ishatars. PL payed us all their trademarked honorable 3rd party visit in Tengus. In the end we could hold the field and after the dust cleared:

  • Y-PNRL went to -A-, but we could get up SBUs before they could plant an ihub, which saved us bashing it. Later at night the station there was sent into shield reinforce, so we got 2 timers to go there.
  • 6BPS-T station was flipped by a BRAVE (mostly BOVRIL) bashing fleet and the TCU will be online shortly, claiming the system for BRAVE
  • 25S-6P station was flipped by Bloodline and SOUND and the system went to Bloodline.

Also see:

Although all this was a clusterfuck of epic proportions while it was going on, it also was a lot of fun. In the end I think this kick in the but from BPA was helpful, since it forced us to finally clean the southern pocket.

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