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Halo TV show kicks off main production


The main cast has assembled to begin full-time production on Showtime’s long-anticipated Halo TV project. The story of the adaptation feels pretty similar to the basic setup for the first two games, with a major focus on Master Chief and the Human/Covenant war.

Showtime announced plans for the TV show adaptation of the popular sci-fi action franchise, exciting fans. The hope was that the ambitious TV show would “enthrall fans of the game while also drawing the uninitiated into a world of complex characters that populate this unique universe.” Showtime president and CEO David Nevins talked up the effort at the time saying, that Halo would be its “most ambitious series ever”, building on the story of “an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant.”

The show follows the story of the earlier titles in the franchise, and borrows heavily in terms of themes, style and characters. As such, plenty of recognizable names will feature in the series.

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The main roles will be handled by Captain Jacob Keyes, pulled from Halo Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved, who will be played by will be played by Danny Sapani. Sapani is best known for roles in Dreadful and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Dr. Miranda Keyes has returned to the franchise, and will be portrayed by Olive Gray, who is known for Half Moon Investigations and EastEnders.

And even though there’s plenty of recognizable characters from the main canon, the TV show will throw in some new faces. There’s Markee, played by Charlie Murphy, who is a human colonist taken in by an element of the Covenant when she lost her own family in the brutal war. Charlie Murphy played Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders and Queen Iseult in The Last Kingdom.

Production is taking place in Budapest, Hungary, and the show is expected to hit TVs globally some time in 2021.

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