Guide to Expeditions in Genshin Impact

Where to farm White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact

Expeditions in Genshin Impact are a unique and passive way to earn some resources. Since you can only have four active characters at any point, this is one way to make use of those extra NPCs you have, Expeditions in Genshin Impact are a timed quest that completes in the background, giving a small bundle of rewards per completion.

For starters, you need to unlock Adventure Rank 14 to enable the feature, once that’s done you’re ready to go. You will want to head to the Adventurer’s Guild. You can find that by looking on the mini-map for the compass icon. It will be present in any city in the game, so it should not be hard to find. From there, you can begin the process.  From there, talk to Katheryne and she will show off the system.

You will have various options to choose from depending on which map you choose. Each map corresponds to a certain area of the game world. Within that map you will have various Expeditions you can go on for different rewards each time. Select the “Dispatch Character on Expedition” option to begin by choosing a destination.

How to use Expeditions in Genshin Impact

Each Expedition in Genshin Impact has a set of rewards, each tier is based on how long you’re willing to wait. Basic rewards might take around four house, while the higher tiers can take up to 20. Each set of Expeditions is broken up by region, so each named part of the map will have a set, as well as its own rewards.

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That means you should really commit to using the lower-tier characters that you don’t plan to take in your party on these things, given how long they can take. You might also want to check the character against the Expedition details, some characters could have elemental bonuses or other advantages that help them complete the task.

For example, the Stormbearer Mountains will give out a few Sweet Flowers and a Bird Egg. Here are the rewards for each amount of time sent:

  • 4 Hours – 1 Sweet Flower and 1 Bird Egg
  • 8 Hours – Between 2-4 Sweet Flowers and 2-4 Bird Eggs
  • 12 Hours- Between 4-6 Sweet Flowers and 4-6 Bird Eggs
  • 20 Hours – Between 8-12 Sweet Flowers and 8-12
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